Tim Shieff - Professional Vegan athlete

Claira Hermet - TV presenter and film-maker

Jon Venus- Vegan bodybuilder

Meriel Armitage - Club Mexicana

TeenVGN -NFP support group for teen veggies and vegans

Matthew Glover - Veganuary, Co-Founder

Jane Land - Veganuary, Co-Founder

Juliet Gellatley CEO - Viva

Kerry McCarthy - Broadcaster - Kerry McCarpet on Youtube

Ali Tabrizi - Film maker - The Friendly Activist on Youtube

Klaus Mitchell - PlantBasedNews on Youtube

Maryn Knevitt- Banana Boy Maryn- Personal Trainer

Laura Scott - Vegan endurance athlete and editor of The Locals

Wrapped in Newspaper - Vegan chefs and bloggers

Charlie Phillips - Head of Documentaries at the Guardian

Darren and Georgie - Popular fitness website

Ashley Jones- Kundalini yoga teacher

Sharda Ten Hove- Vegan nutritionist and yogi

Adam Stansbury- Plant-powered bodybuilder and personal trainer

Jennifer Pardoe - Vegan Futures

Damien Clarkson - Vegan Futures

 Velociposse Womens Fixed Gear Cycling Team - Lina Bivainyte and Jess Hayes

**Keep checking back for updates during the coming weeks.