About The Event

Welcome to Vegan Futures


We're a new one-day plant-based lifestyle festival happening in London on 7th November. We are bringing together the very brightest plant-based thinkers and innovators for a day of inspiring talks & workshops.


About The Event

Welcome to Vegan Futures


We're a new one-day plant-based lifestyle festival happening in London on 7th November. We are bringing together the very brightest plant-based thinkers and innovators for a day of inspiring talks & workshops.

This festival is all about learning together and we promise guests of this intimate festival will come away feeling inspired and armed with an array of new skills to help you thrive on a plant-based lifestyle.  




What's On


What's On


Tim Shieff - Professional Vegan athlete

Claira Hermet - TV presenter and film-maker

Jon Venus- Vegan bodybuilder

Meriel Armitage - Club Mexicana

TeenVGN -NFP support group for teen veggies and vegans

Matthew Glover - Veganuary, Co-Founder

Jane Land - Veganuary, Co-Founder

Juliet Gellatley CEO - Viva

Kerry McCarthy - Broadcaster - Kerry McCarpet on Youtube

Ali Tabrizi - Film maker - The Friendly Activist on Youtube

Klaus Mitchell - PlantBasedNews on Youtube

Maryn Knevitt- Banana Boy Maryn- Personal Trainer

Laura Scott - Vegan endurance athlete and editor of The Locals

Wrapped in Newspaper - Vegan chefs and bloggers

Charlie Phillips - Head of Documentaries at the Guardian

Darren and Georgie - Popular fitness website

Ashley Jones- Kundalini yoga teacher

Sharda Ten Hove- Vegan nutritionist and yogi

Adam Stansbury- Plant-powered bodybuilder and personal trainer

Jennifer Pardoe - Vegan Futures

Damien Clarkson - Vegan Futures

 Velociposse Womens Fixed Gear Cycling Team - Lina Bivainyte and Jess Hayes

**Keep checking back for updates during the coming weeks.


Talk and Panel Information

What's On

Talk and Panel Information

What's On

We've jam packed the day with inspiring talks and panel discussions from the brightest plant-based thinkers and innovators. As well as these awesome talks we have some wonderful free treats for all our guests.

Vegan Futures attendees will get: 

  • A Yoga Session* (limited places, booking available soon)
  • Breakfast Smoothie* 
  • One Goody Bag
  • A Meditation & Wellness Session* (limited places available booking soon) 

A full schedule with times will be published soon. Until then feast your eyes on what you can expect with the below talks and panel information.  


TALK: Fit State of Mind - Staying Positive And Loving Yourself
HOST: Claira Hermet
DESCRIPTION: TV presenter Claira Hermet will talk about her journey towards Veganism and the incredible challenges she has had to overcome to find true mental and physical health.

TALK: The Quest For Fitness
HOST: Jon Venus
DESCRIPTION: Jon Venus is a 100% Vegan bodybuilder. In this talk he will discuss self improvement and personal development and share tips for bodybuilding and living a vegan lifestyle.  

TALK: Weight training as a high-carb Vegan
HOST: Maryn (Banana boy) Knevitt
DESCRIPTION: For 16 years Maryn has been following a Vegan lifestyle. In this talk he will share his nutrition and weight training tips.

TALK: From Meat to Plants: A journey towards mindful eating in the fitness industry
HOST: Adam Stansbury
DESCRIPTION: Adam's career in the health and fitness industry has seen him appear on the cover of leading mens fitness magazines. In this talk he shares his fitness story and his journey towards a plant-based diet and adopting a more holistic approach to mental and physical fitness.

TALK: Veganuary: Try Vegan, Stay Vegan
HOST: Matthew, Jane, Clea
DESCRIPTION: Since its launch in January 2014, Veganuary has been inspiring people to try, and stay, vegan by the thousands. This talk explores the methods and communications used, and reveals plans for the huge 2016 campaign.

TALK: Why You Don’t Need Dairy
HOST: Juliet Gellatley - VIVA!
DESCRIPTION: Juliet’s compelling talk asks: is it natural to consume milk after weaning? Indeed is it natural to consume cow’s (or goat’s) milk at all? What is the life of a dairy cow and how does this link to our health? 

PANEL: Taking Veganism To The Mainstream
HOST: Damien Clarkson
GUESTS: Clea Grady/Jane Land, Juliet Gellatley, Jennifer Pardoe
DESCRIPTION: In this session we explore what success Vegan advocacy looks like. We dig down into the challenges facing campaigners and how to overcome them. 

TALK: Being a Vegan Endurance Athlete And Living A Life Of Adventure
HOST: Laura Scott
DESCRIPTION: In this talk Vegan endurance athlete Laura Scott shares her stories of adventure and endurance. She reveals what drives her to take on epic challenges and discusses why she is taking on the self-supported Trans Am Bike Race across 4400 miles and 10 states of America in 2016.

TALK: Creating And Riding For The UK’s First Women’s Fixed Gear Racing Team
HOST: Velociposse - Lina Bivainyte and Jessica Hayes
DESCRIPTION: This year Velociposse exploded onto the UK fixed gear cycling scene. Vegan riders Lina and Jess join us to share the Velociposse story so far and their experience of competing in the legendary Red Hook Crit races in London and Barcelona.

PANEL: Thriving As An Athlete On A Vegan Lifestyle
HOST: Damien Clarkson
GUESTS: Tim Shieff, Darren and Georgie (Vegan Fitness), Lina and Jess (Velociposse), Laura Scott
DESCRIPTION: We sit down to discuss training and nutrition secrets with our panel of vegan athletes.

TALK: The Environment And Animal Rights
HOST: Ali Tabrizi - The Friendly Activist
DESCRIPTION: Activist and Film-maker Ali Tabrizi a.k.a "The Friendly Activist" will discuss how animal agriculture is the biggest threat to the health of the planet. And explore what we can be doing to combat this global threat to both humanity as well as all other life on earth. 

TALK: Broadcasting The Vegan Message
HOST: Kerry McCarthey (Kerry McCarpet)
DESCRIPTION: The YouTube queen of sardonic wit will talk about her Vegan journey and how to effectively spread a compassion and wellbeing message on YouTube.

PANEL: The YouTube Generation
HOST: Klaus Mitchell
GUESTS: Kerry McCarpet, Ali Tabrizi, Tim Shieff
DESCRIPTION: Klaus from Plant Based news sits down with our YouTube stars to discuss Vegan advocacy online

TALK: The Future Of Food
HOST: Jennifer Pardoe
DESCRIPTION: As well as being the Co-Founder of Vegan Futures Jennifer Pardoe is the Founder of the UK's first Plant-Based food consultancy, Zest. She will talk about what the food industry is doing about the current food system, the food trends to look forward to in 2016 and how you can help shape the future of food.

TALK: Creating And Running A Vegan Food Business
HOST: Meriel Armitage (Club Mexicana)
DESCRIPTION: Meriel Armitage Founder of Club Mexicana tells the story of how she switched careers to follow her passion for food and create a hugely successful Vegan street food & pop-up business. 

TALK: Being Vegan And Working In The Media
HOST: Charlie Phillips (The Guardian)
DESCRIPTION: Charlie is the Head of Documentaries at the Guardian in his talk he will explore working in the media environment as a Vegan

TALK: Our Foodie Vegan Journey
HOST: Wrapped In Newspaper
DESCRIPTION: Sisters Amy and Veronica fresh of the back of their 2015 Great Peta Bake Off win, talk about their journey towards Veganism and their principles behind the tasty food they make. 

TALK: Becoming A Fit Vegan
HOSTS: Darren & Georgie from
DESCRIPTION: In this talk Darren & Georgie will share their experiences of their own dramatic health transformations to becoming fit vegans. Learn about the optimal foods to get all of your nutrients, how much protein is necessary, the benefits of intermittent fasting, the most effective exercise, and why you should become a fit vegan too.

TALK: Growing Up Vegan
DESCRIPTION: Laura and Anna join us to discuss how to navigate the difficult world of parents on a Vegan journey. 


YOGA: Kundalini Yoga with Ashley Jones- Access A Power Within That Can Move Beyond Any Perceived Obstacle Or Block

DESCRIPTION: Experience the power and energy of subtle life force/Prana/Chi which lies within and all around us. Using the science of Kundalini Yoga we can develop intuitive intelligence to elevate our awareness and consciousness which creates a deeper connection to self and others. To raise our energy & vibration is to positively effect ourselves & everyone we come into contact with.

MEDITATION: Meditation and talk with Alex Day and Brother Shiny (from Plum Village)
DESCRIPTION: This special talk and guided meditation will focus on mindfulness and practice of inter-being.

MEDITATION: Meditation For Healing And Self Blessing led by Ashley Jones

MEDITATION: Healing And Self Blessing led by Ashley Jones

YOGA: Dynamic practice with Sharda Ten Hove

DESCRIPTION: We will start by warming up the body through a funky and creative sequence of sun salutations followed by strengthening and stretching poses.

We end with a savasana (relaxing pose) to receive all the benefits of the practice.

YOGA: Yin practice with Sharda Ten Hove

DESCRIPTION: Yin practice-  This is a slow and more meditative kind of practice. We hold poses for a longer period to target the deeper tissues of the body which will make you feel open and more flexible.

This is an excellent practice for anyone wanting to be more flexible (in body and mind :) 

We end with savasana.

YOGA: Yin/Yang practice with Sharda Ten Hove

DESCRIPTION: Yin/Yang practice: A blend of the two prior sessions. We consciously move through a sequence of poses and sun salutations.

We end with savasana

YOGA: Dynamic practice and meditation with Sharda Ten Hove

DESCRIPTION: We start with awakening the body through a short explosive practice followed by savasana and meditation

*Please note that spaces for the yoga and wellness sessions are limited due to the size of the room so this will operate on a first come first serve basis. All food other than the breakfast smoothie, which we are providing, will have to be paid for by the customer.  


Yin/Yang practice


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